Checking features before...

Nowadays, on the market there are many different types of LED Downlight with the quality and the price is also very different, even quite difference. So which characteristics of light can help consumers choose the best product ?


How to choose the kitchen lamp?

Everything belongs to kitchen has long been not just a matter of individual women. Almost majority chefs are men. From food processing, cooking to enjoy a delicious meal heavily dependent factors. And there is a certain element that husbands should care, w


Color and light in the living room

Each living room devoted special attention of home ownership. This space has the most important position, showing each family 's lifestyle and tastes of the owner. Part of lighting and furniture are always two issues in parallel and together they make up t


Power savings and increased value...

For citizens or businesses, how to save electricity is an important issue. One of the effective ways to save electricity is converted from incandescent light bulbs to energy saving light bulbs such as fluorescent, LED and compact.


Good quality bulbs and how to...

Nowadays, the market is quite diverse bulbs with the design, powe , brightness, durability different. So how to choose products to buy good quality bulbs in lighting ?


How to design LEDs celling layout...

There are many articles on various websites about how to arrange the lights in the family. But today Future Light still want to write an article to share about the layout LED ceiling in the family wants to add some experience to the reader.